Clients now contact attorney Jimerson for legal services in three areas of Law: Litigation, (Civil & Defense), and Entertainment.

Matters that require resolution through the courts receive the bulk of our time and effort, and Entertainment clients receive project by project consideration.

Legal consultation and referral are available upon request.

Pro bono legal services as well as internships and mentoring for law students receive enthusiastic consideration and support.

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Client: Big Yacht Entertainment. Formation of music publishing company. Negotiate and form artist-company seven-year agreement. Negotiate co-production deal with platinum producer (Dr. Dre and Aftermath Productions). Deal Signed 01/18/99 in Century City, California.

Client: "Hitman", new rap artist. Negotiate and formulate contract between artist and Aftermath Productions (Universal subsid.) and Dr. Dre (producer). Deal signed 01/22/99, for seven-album deal. Artist to be released on Dr. Dre's new CD to be released this summer. Artist now in studio doing first solo album produced by Dr. Dre and Big Yacht Entertainment (Album completed, featuring “Hitman, entitled “2001”, has sold 4 million copies as of April, 2000).

12 Million in investor financing for slate of three films to be produced by Star Films. Emmy Award winning Producer-Reuben Canon. (An African American theme(d) project)

Independent film entitled " A Piece of Earth". Thesis project from the American film Institute. (Hispanic -American theme(d) project)

Independent Documentary Film entitled "Never Kneel Down. Emmy nominated/award winning producer, William Gazeky (A North Africa/Eritrea theme(d) project)

South African film project. Discussions initiated by So. African Embassy to develop this project. (a South African sponsored/theme(d) project)

Client: Ms. Elysse Evans to appear on the Rosie O'Donnell Show on April 3, 2000. CNN piece entitled "a Day in the Life of Elysse" to air in late March 2000. Elysee is to also appear on CBS, (Bryant Gumble hosted) "The Early Show", in April of 2000.

Professional Women's Wrestling. Representing individual female wrestler as well as providing consultation to Women's Wrestling Group. MTV Television event now in production

Ongoing consultation for various artists, including film, music television & dance.


Civil Litigation
State of Illinois v. Client (Dr.): amount in controversy: $350, 000.00.

Personal Injury
Client v. NFL player: assault by NFL football player. Domestic violence. injury occurs in Minnesota, client now residing in So. California. Defendant playing for West Coast team. Litigation commenced in 1966. Judgement for client rendered 02/13/99 by Minnesota court - amount: $602,000.00.

Client v. Insurance Co.: playboy playmate (1999) auto accident. Soft tissue injuries.

Client: new corporation. Formation, and multiple joint venture agreement negotiations including contract formation issues. Current project: 1999 seminar-cruises.

Legal Consulting
Client: City of Inglewood.
Commissioner, Transportation Commission, Los Angeles 10th Council District, Councilman Martin Ludlow. As city commissioner, ideas have been submitted and approved by Mayor Dorn, to increase city revenue using existing city resources, and to attract city police officers as residents of the city. Ongoing consultation with the Mayor and other city commissioners to resolve all facets of local government issues, including crime, education, housing, airport, police, fire, etc.


While criminal law matters include Serious Felonies (State & Federal Courts), attorney Jimerson is bound (in most cases) by confidentiality. Among the hundreds of criminal law cases that his office has represented, below is listed a sample of the types of criminal cases attorney Jimerson has/is working on.

Federal Court
Recently indicted individual with 1 million Dollar bail. Conspiracy and individual counts regarding crimes against the United States. Ninth District/federal Court.

State Court
Various serious Felony matters, including an occasional laugher. For example, a recently arrived case involving the theft of a large sum of money from a conveyor belt at Los Angeles airport. Money-belt belonged to a popular/famous actress. Los Angeles Superior Court.

Client: State of Calif. v. Client. Multiple counts of bank fraud.

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